July 2019 – Hack the Box

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One of the most asked about topics at RISE meetings is “How do I become a Red Teamer?” or “What skills do I need for penetration testing?” As the “opposition force” of IT security, Red Teams have long held the most visible and alluring jobs in the realm of InfoSec. Shrouded in mystery they are known for their advanced skills that can penetrate even the most diligent of defenses. The role requires a breadth of IT system and application knowledge but also depth in several areas to understand fundamentals of operation and how to thwart them. This sometimes poses a barrier to entry to the new InfoSec professional uncertain about how to approach the myriad skills needed for success in the role.

Join us on July 11th as professional Red Teamer Tyler Booth introduces us to Hack the Box. This on-line resource provides an environment and community where even the novice hacker can learn pen testing skills. Not only is it a great introductory resource, but it offers additional benefits such as connections to thousands of other professionals willing to share their knowledge, and even “rank-restricted job openings” where those trying to break into a security career can demonstrate their skills to potential employers. Don’t worry about going it alone! Come out to RISE and let Tyler take you through the first steps of this service and shares his advice.

Note: This will be a fantastic opportunity to participate in real-time as Tyler works through his methodology. Attendees are encouraged to sign up for a Hack the Box account by solving the Invitation Page challenge (or search the solution). Bring your laptop to the event and enjoy some hands-on exercises during Tyler’s presentation!

Event Details
topic icon Hack the Box – Intro to Penetration Testing
calendar icon July 11th, 2019 @ 5:30pm
location icon R&K Solutions –

Presenter Bio:

Tyler Booth is a professional red teamer with a large IT services firm. By day he converts a lifetime of hacking knowledge into penetrating networks, social engineering campaigns, and creating solutions to solve complex problems. His passion lies not just in breaking things, but helping others make them better and sharing his knowledge to improve the security of his clients and the field at large. Tyler is always willing to collaborate and share knowledge with his peers, especially in red teaming, social engineering, and exploit development.


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