Dec 2017 – Hack-Lab with Oracle Ravello Cloud


We will be meeting on Dec. 14th at ECPI at 5:30 pm

Grant Sims will be presenting Oracle Ravello Cloud and how it can be used as a training platform, in a “Hack-Lab” scenario. The presentation will explain the benefits of utilizing the Ravello Cloud and how the underlying “Nested Virtualization” technology can expand our InfoSec training & testing capabilities. The short presentation will be followed by a demo of the Ravello platform and the “Hack-Lab” Grant has created within.

Grant Sims

Grant Sims has been an IT professional for over the last 10 years. His professional path began as a Network Engineer for the US DoD and is now currently a Security Engineer for Advance Auto Parts. He has a passion for security and an even greater passion for sharing his knowledge! Grant claims not to be an expert of any kind but rather a firm believer in that we all possess knowledge and experiences to share that would benefit likeminded individuals.


5234 Airport Rd NW #200,

Roanoke, VA 24012