June 2018 — Harden Your Defenses


Mark your calendars to join us on Thursday, June 14th, at R&K Solutions for the next RISE meeting! This month Nate Sykes and James Gray will tag-team to present tools for risk management, compliance, and hardening your Windows-based servers. Learn about resources freely available on-line from the Defense Information Systems Agency such as Security Technical Implementation Guides, checklists, and scripts to ease implementation of secure configurations.

Address: R&K Solutions,  2797 Frontage Rd NW, Roanoke, VA 24017


Topic: Harden Your Defenses – Host-based Security in your Risk Management


In the next RISE meeting we’ll be discussing one of the layers of Defense in Depth. Specifically, host-based security and how to implement Operating System hardening for Windows systems. We’ll be covering What, How, and Why. DoD Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) will be used to create a secure baseline that you can deploy over and over to improve host-based security in your network. We’ll also be discussing how this maps to risk management and compliance framework controls, and how that can bring value to your organization.

Speaker Bios:

Nate Sykes

Nate Sykes is the IT Director at R&K Solutions and one of the founding members of RISE. Nate has worked in all areas of system and network administration. He has been involved in different aspects of security for the last 6 years, mostly involving prevention and detection. He holds GSEC, GMON and Security+ certifications.

James Gray

James Gray is a security professional working in operations and risk management. Some projects involve continuous monitoring, cloud security, and enterprise compliance. His professional history includes software quality assurance (QA/testing) management, training media development, counseling, education, driving buses, and bagging groceries. When he isn’t managing risk, James can be found enjoying the outdoors, gaming, and thinking about things.

Cyber Security Forum: Web Service Security Best Practices


Hello all, this month’s RISE meeting will be a little different, in fact it’s going to be a lot different.  This month we are doubling up with the RBTC.  The RBTC will be hosting a Cyber Security Forum highlighting Web Service Security Best Practices on Tuesday August 8th from 5:30pm – 7:30pm at Virginia Western Community College.  The speaker will be Adam Memisyazici from Virginia Tech.

Not only will this provide a great opportunity to learn more about Web Security but this also provides a great opportunity to rub elbows with likeminded technologist from the Valley.  Please keep in mind that unlike our meetings the RBTC actually needs to you register for this event.  Click on the link provided and register quickly.  Also there is a minor cost to attend but they probably have better snacks and drinks than we do so it’s probably worth it.  In any case, if you can make it I encourage you to attend.

Lastly, I want everyone to understand that that this will not be the norm for us but I do feel that it is a good fit for us this month.  If this works perhaps we will do again sometime in the future, if it doesn’t, well we gave it a shot.   I have provided additional details below.  Please check them out.


Link to register for the RBTC event and location info.