Earn CPE Credits through RISE

We know you don’t need additional incentive to come out to monthly RISE meetings. But a little icing on the cake never hurts. Did you know that you can earn continuing professional education (CPE) credits for your (ISC)2 certifications through participation in RISE?

The (ISC)2 CPE Handbook lists several qualifying activities for earning credits to maintain your certification. Among those are “Attending a conference, educational course, seminar or presentation” as long as the material relates directly to the domain of the certification. This category can be used for time spent on-site at RISE meetings during the actual technical presentation. Attendees should use good judgement to report time with integrity as professionals in our field.

There are probably other certifications for which RISE participation would satisfy continuing education requirements. Check with your certification provider, and let us know if you find others so we may share with the RISE community! If you have questions feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist.


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