RISE die-cut stickers are here!

Finally in – check out the Roanoke InfoSec Exchange stickers! Display your dedication to excellence in the field of InfoSec by sporting one of these on your laptop! These are a great way to introduce others to the group and build our regional professional community.

Our new die-cut stickers are made of durable vinyl and resist scratching, sun, and water. (We do not recommend dunking your laptop in the bathtub to test this claim.) Come get yours at the next local meeting. With the RISE logo and URL proudly displayed, you demonstrate your continued pursuit of excellence in knowledge and contribution to the local tech community.

Adds a touch of class to any laptop while spreading the word about RISE

Also works great on palm rests!

Don’t own a laptop? Don’t worry! At 3″ wide they can be displayed in a variety of locations while still being easy to read.


Introduce your colleagues to RISE when you attend that next meeting

Even pets! (adhesion may vary)


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