Feb 2023 – Byte-by-Byte – A Beginners Look into Binary Analysis

Ever wonder how computers can interpret programs? Are you interested in looking at random bytes on a screen and reading them like the Matrix? Do you always get stumped on “easy” reverse engineering CTF challenges? Then join us for a night of learning binary analysis! 

This talk will focus on looking at binaries/executables for interesting strings, compiler information, linked DLLs with dependencies, and even a basic overview of Assembly – the lowest level language we can program in! This discussion will also include commonly used tools, methods, and even utilizing AI to interpret a binary! Following the talk, we will statically analyze a simple piece of custom malware and be able to decipher just what devious tasks it may be doing! Laptops/personal machines recommended but not required (use whatever OS you want!)


Ben Eldritch, Vulnerability Assessment Analyst for Raytheon Technologies

Current Certs: GICSP, OSCP, Pentest+, CySA+

Ben holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance from WGU and an associates in Engineering from DMACC. His interest in security started when he began tinkering with his GameBoy and messing with in-memory data via a GameShark. From there, he started writing prankware for his friends and eventually learned the ins and outs of penetration testing. When not breaking into things (with permission of course!), Ben enjoys taking long mountain hikes and observing all the different kinds of creatures of the world. 

Date & Time:

February 9th @ 5:30pm


The RAMP Building
709 S. Jefferson Street Roanoke,
VA 24016

Parking and entrance are in the rear of the building