May 2019 – Sniffing Active Directory with Bloodhound

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Many organizations, large and small, maintain an Active Directory environment. Over time even well-managed AD environments will suffer the crud of forgotten objects. Emergency changes and other unique additions often create resources that don’t follow established governance policy. Coping with system sprawl is a fact of life in most organizations. Our tools must help us cope with this and ensure that unintended vulnerabilities are introduced into the environment.

Enter Bloodhound – a Javascript application that uses graph theory to identify relationships in an AD environment. Aaron McPhall will provide an overview of the Bloodhound system including its capabilities and target scenarios. We’ll see how organizations can use the application to identify potentially hidden vectors for privilege escalation. Come see how you can deploy Bloodhound in your environment to ascertain and improve your AD security posture.

Thank you to ABS Technology for hosting this event!

Event Details
topic icon Sniffing Active Directory with Bloodhound
calendar icon May 9, 2019 @ 5:30pm
location icon ABS Technology –


Aaron McPhall is an IT guy, turned software developer, turned security wonk.  He is currently serving as Security Architect at Advance Auto Parts.  He is a recent addition of the Roanoke InfoSec community.  Before the Star City, he spent 10 years consuming green chile and dreaming up novel security solutions in New Mexico.

In his spare time, he wanders around Virginia visiting cities, sights, and trails.

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