FEB 2018 – Gaining Perspectives on Cyber Risk Management



Attempting to address all aspects of a Cyber Security program has always been part of the RISE mission, and our next meeting is an attempt to reflect that mission.   Stephen Hamilton who is a Commercial Risk Specialist with HAWK Advisers Inc. and Helen Stevens who is Regional Executive with Travelers Global Technology have agreed to present for us on Gaining Perspectives on Cyber Risk Management.

I met Stephen last year while doing a Cyber Security presentation for local businesses and felt that given his experience dealing with Cyber Risk he would be an excellent choice for a presentation sometime.  His availability was limited until now, so when I found out his schedule had cleared up I jumped at the opportunity.

Stephen and Helen’s presentation is designed to provide us, as security practitioners, the information we need to advise our management teams on how best to manage risk as well as what options are available when risk needs to be deferred to another party.

Stephen has agreed to open his business to us so we will be meeting at HAWK Advisers downtown at 5:30 pm.  I have included the address below.

I am truly looking forward to this presentation and I hope that I will see you all there tomorrow Thursday the 8th  at 5:30 pm.



206 Williamson Rd.

Suite 100

Roanoke, VA 24011

Point of reference:

Corner of Williamson & Tazewell (across from the Norfolk Southern Building – downtown Roanoke

Shameless ask for help

If you have an idea for a presentation or if you would like to present at a meeting or if you have a location to host a meeting, drop us a note at Roanokeinfosec@gmail.com.





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