Feb 2016 – The Life of a Packet


In the Feb meeting we heard from Mark Cairns from Cisco about how Cisco fits the security niche.  Here is what Tom Spitnale from SyCom had to say about Mark’s presentation:
“I was impressed with the presentation he delivered to a group in Richmond just before the holidays.  A very granular view of the “life of a packet” as it intersects with security dependent on the circumstances…on premise user, on premise resource, hybrid or cloud resources in the mix, off-premise users, etc. etc.  While the presentation is admittedly developed to deliver a “why Cisco meets this market uniquely” message (and spotlights the functionality that different elements of Cisco’s portfolio addresses, both as point solutions and as a collective/integrated umbrella strategy), the discussion points and path from one scenario into the next really painted the picture, for me, of what modern security professionals are tasked with addressing.  So I feel like “the pitch” aspect is worth “the story” that he tells.”

Mark spoke about some unique ways Cisco can leverage an end to end solution to provide visibility into the network and how it compares to open source solutions.


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