June 2016 – Security Architecture: Then and Now


We are ready and set for our next meeting on June 9th.  This meeting will be hosted by our friends at SyCom Technologies:

SyCom Technologies
2800 Electric Rd #103c
Roanoke, VA 24018

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We will start at our usual time of 5:30pm.  Our speaker this month is Allen Surface and his subject will be Security Architecture: Then and Now.  Allen will walk us through how Security Architectures have changed over the years, where they are headed and how we need to plan for these changes.  Allen is a founding member of RISE and has worked for the past eight years as a solutions architect with SyCom Technologies.  He is currently focused on designing network and security solutions for various customers in both medium and large scale networks.  Prior to moving into his Security Architect role Allen was responsible for implementing hardware solutions such as Intrusion Prevention Systems, Firewalls, and DMVPNs.   What this says is that Allen is one of us!  He is a down in the trenches kind of guy that is willing to share his experiences with us.  Come on out and support one of own and hear his take on where we are all headed as IT Security Professionals.

We’re Growing


It was awesome to see so many new faces and so many familiar ones at last Thursday’s meeting, thanks again to ECPI for hosting. We ended up running out of chairs!

April meeting1

April meeting2

I hope to see everyone again next month, where we will dive back down in to the weeds and take an in-depth look at Wireshark.


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When is the Next RISE (Roanoke Information Security Exchange) Meeting?

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We meet every 2nd Thursday of the month at 5:30pm. The meeting location rotates between several local businesses and colleges. Please see below to find out how to get on the email list for the meeting announcements. The meeting locations will also be posted to this site.

What is RISE?

We are a group of Roanoke and NRV Information Security Professionals. We get together the 2nd Thursday every month to discuss current security topics. Meetings are free, usually so is the beer, and they are open to anyone.

How Can I Get Added to the Email List for RISE meetings?

Please send an email to RoanokeInfoSec@gmail.com if you would like to be added to the email notification list.