Meeting Notes – Phishing Frenzy

Phishing Frenzy briefing splash image

RISE founding member Rob Garbee wowed the crowd with a live demonstration on phishing at this month’s meeting. We saw how a compelling phishing campaign can be set up in a very short amount of time and with very little monetary expenditure. Thanks to our friends at Sycom Technologies for hosting this event at their facility in Roanoke.

Download Slides Here

Rob gave a live demonstration of how to use the open-source tool Phishing Frenzy to conduct a realistic phishing campaign to test your organizations mail filtering and user training effectiveness. The briefing showed us how quickly and easily free domains, SSL certificates, and templates can be obtained to lend a very authentic look to the phishing emails. In addition cloud computing services provide an off-premises platform to host the campaign hub. These services can be easily scaled to support small or large campaigns while controlling cost, and their off-prem nature ensures a realistic ‘external attacker’ scenario.



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